Surya Solar Power Company Nepal, Australia, Singapore
Surya Solar Power Company Nepal, Australia, Singapore

Frequently Asked Question:

1. How much does it cost to install a solar system?

I need a system to power a fridge, TV, lights, computer, and a water pump. Not all the equipment will be on all the time, but the fridge and some lights must be on.  How much will it cost ?

3. Can I save money in electricity using this solar system?

Are there are grants/subsidies available?

5. What direction facing roof do I need for maximum efficiency?
6. How long is the system useful for?
7. What about the days when the sun doesn't shine or shines less like in winter season? Will the system still work?
8. How does the system work in rainy days?
9. What are the running costs of the system? Is it too expensive?
10. Can I use this system to heat water?
11. Does Surya Power Company provide all the components, installation as well as the maintenance?

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